We spend a lot of time caring for the cats and kittens who we take in, before they move to their new homes. We always love to hear how they're getting along and to see pictures of them as they settle in.  Please do keep in touch!

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Cats Protection News

Hello from Vinnie

Hello from Vinnie29-Jul-2015

When Vinnie arrived with us, we thought he would be in our care for a while.  Poor Vinnie had lots of things going against him, he is black, which many people think is unlucky, he’s an older lad and his time living as a stray had left him with health problems, plus a missing ear!  Despite his hard life, Vinnie is such a sweetheart, he soon became a firm favourite with his ...

Black Cats

Black Cats17-Jul-2015

According to recent research, black cats are less likely to be adopted than tabbies, gingers, torties etc.  Is this because people are superstitious and think black cats are unlucky?  Is it because black cats don't photograph very easily so they don't stand out on adoption websites?  Whatever the reason, we don't agree!  We love black cats with their sleek fabulous good looks ...

Keeping Your Cat Safe

Keeping Your Cat Safe14-Jun-2015

Curiosity has put many a cat’s life in danger.  We will give you lots of advice about caring for your new cat or kitten.  There are, however, lots of simple things you can do to keep these inquisitive creatures safe.   Falling A love of climbing and exploring can prove a fatal combination for cats. Prevent your cat from falling from a window by using wire ...

Happy Sisters

Happy Sisters31-May-2015

These two beautiful sisters, Maisie and Tillie, came into our care after their owner found they could no longer care for their welfare.  They settled in well with their foster carer and proved themselves to be a lovely, friendly pair.  They were so well bonded we wanted to find them a home together, and we're delighted that they have now settled into a lovely family home with Annika and her ...

Lovely Indiana

Lovely Indiana22-Apr-2015

Indiana came into our care after being found living as a stray in Washington.  He proved to be a beautiful, affectionate, easy going boy and we quickly found him a loving home with Lucille.  After a sad six month start to his life, Indiana now looks very happy and settled in his new home, with plenty of sunny windows to gaze out of....

Beautiful Billy

Beautiful Billy07-Apr-2015

When a handsome tabby male turned up as a stray in one of our fosterers gardens, we knew he'd come looking for our help!  Billy settled into his new foster home and proved to be a loving and affectionate boy.  He's now very happily settled into life with his new family, Jane, Malcolm and James and is looking forward to exploring his new garden!...

Countless Kittens

Countless Kittens22-Mar-2015

We were inundated with kittens towards the end of 2014 - one of our fosterers had nine to look after at once for a short time!  Little Bruno was the last of our kittens to find a home, so we were keen to find him a lovely home with lots of company. We are delighted to hear that Bruno has settled in well with Sharon and her family.  He has made firm friends with his new feline companions, Mocha ...

Online Shopping Discounts

Online Shopping Discounts10-Mar-2015

We are pleased to offer our supporters a fantastic 10 per cent off your order from our online pet shop! Simply enter the code CPSHOPQ115 at the checkout* to receive 10 per cent off all products in your order! The offer is valid until 30 April 2015, and can be used multiple times. Please visit  The shop offers a great range of over 3,900 products to cater for all your pet care ...

Our Christmas Miracle

Our Christmas Miracle01-Mar-2015

Beautiful little Mary was discovered abandoned in a bin on Christmas Eve. She spent her first Christmas with her new foster carer and has since been looking for a loving home of her own.  Lucky Mary has now moved in with Clare and her family, plus their dog, budgie, guinea pig and chickens!  She even has a new name for her new start in life - Maisie. We're thrilled that Maisie will now have all of...

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween25-Feb-2015

This beautiful brother and sister, Pumpkin and Binx, arrived with us on halloween and made themselves at home in foster care.  We are delighted that they have now settled into their new home with Tamzin, Will, Reuben and Iona. They've found a lovely sunny spot to enjoy and are gaining lots of confidence now that they have a lovely home of their own....

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