We spend a lot of time caring for the cats and kittens who we take in, before they move to their new homes. We always love to hear how they're getting along and to see pictures of them as they settle in.  Please do keep in touch!

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Cats Protection News

A Match Made in Heaven

A Match Made in Heaven23-Dec-2015

Poor Ned came to us after he was dumped in a pet carrier in a busy car park.  He was terrified but soon settled in to his foster home and proved himself to be a real gentleman. When Sue got in touch to offer Ned a home, she was happy to take a companion for him too, so we introduced him to another of our foster cats, Tibby, to see if they might get along. Luckily the pair took to each other ...

Forever Friends

Forever Friends14-Dec-2015

Sabrina was in a sorry state when she came into our care.  At around 10 months old, she had a very sad start to life. She arrived heavily pregnant after she was found living as a stray. Sadly, her kittens did not survive and Sabrina was found to have a fractured pelvis and a hernia. During recovery, she made firm friends with Peaches, who was passed into our care ...

Lucky Charlie

Lucky Charlie17-Oct-2015

Poor Charlie was handed in to a local vet with an injured leg.  As no-one came forward for him, he came into our care but we knew it wouldn't take long for this gorgeous ginger boy to find a new home.  He's now settled in well with Iain and his family and enjoys sleeping in any location he can find! ...

Queen of her Castle

Queen of her Castle26-Sep-2015

We knew it wouldn't be long before the stunning Suzie was snapped up!  We suspected that Suzie was a Norwegian Forest Cat so she would need an experienced family who would be happy to make sure her beautiful coat was tangle free.  We are so pleased to have rehomed Suzie to Louise and her family who tell us she's settled in well and is the boss of the household!...

Darling Daisy

Darling Daisy23-Sep-2015

Little Willow arrived with us shortly after she was born.  She was so playful, loving and trusting that she won our hearts. She has recently moved to her new home with Joanne and her family and we couldn't be happier to hear that she's settled in perfectly and made friends with her new feline brother Duke.  She has a lovely new name, Daisy, for her new start in life. ...


Elsa's Kittens20-Sep-2015

The lovely Elsa was found living as a stray and pregnant, and gave birth to four delightful little black and white kittens whilst she was in our care.  Elsa and all of her kittens have now found lovely homes of their own.  The two brothers, Oscar and George, are looking very contented with their new family!...

Ollie Enjoying the Sun

Ollie Enjoying the Sun19-Sep-2015

When poor Ollie arrived with us he was very frightened and very timid around people.  He was with us for quite sometime whilst his foster mum helped him to regain his confidence and to trust people, and gradually he became a very loving and affectionate boy.  He has now settled in well in his new home with Mike and we couldn't be happier for him.  We're certain that Ollie is going ...

Millie & Lola

Millie & Lola18-Aug-2015

Millie and Lola were very nervous when they arrived with us, as they were scared at having to be rehomed so early in their lives.  These two gorgeous sisters soon gained in confidence and became loving and playful kittens. They are now enjoying their perfect new home with the Pearson family who tell us that the girls love to play, eat, cuddle and purr - it certainly sounds like they've made ...

Magical Merlin

Magical Merlin06-Aug-2015

The lovely little Merlin arrived in our care when his owner decided that they had too many kittens to care for properly. Merlin was such a sociable and affectionate boy, he soon won our hearts.  We're so pleased that he has now settled into his new home with Lucille and her family and his new doggy companion Chester.  With his new name, Alex, and his lovely new home, we're sure he'll be ...

Finally, Alfie Finds His Forever Home

Finally, Alfie Finds His Forever Home06-Aug-2015

Poor Alfie has had a tough time for the first two years of his life.  He arrived with us very skinny and bad tempered, after being found living as a stray.  He soon settled in and turned into a friendly, happy and affectionate cat. We found a lovely new home for Alfie, but sadly the family's existing cat could not get along with him no matter how much Alfie tried to make friends. ...

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